me and eft

me and eft


my name is Christina Kellenberger.

I am a full qualified EFT practitioner. 

I completed my EFT education in the Netherlands with Gabrielle Rutten at NOVET which is the official Gary Craig training centre in the Netherlands and Belgium. (

I am registered as an EFT practitioner at NOVET and I am member of the EFT guild which is based in the UK (

I’m always looking for ways to expand my knowledge and broaden my experience. The work about the ‘Five Biological Laws’ from Dr Hamer has greatly influenced my work and has given me a unique insight into the cause of illnesses and a way to restore back into health.

I’m a passionate advocate for EFT and  I enjoy helping people work through their issues, guiding and supporting clients in whatever challenge they may face. 

follow my footsteps

Gary Craig is one of the founders of EFT – was my first introduction into EFT

Novet is the official EFT training centre where I trained as an EFT practitioner