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Below you can read some testimonials of clients of mine both in Holland and the UK.

Hello Christina

For the first time in a long long LONG time I woke up relaxed and NOT WORRYING...worries were not circulating through me like a movie faster than the speed of light. It is so helpful to experience this...what it feels like to not be on a worry treadmill!

Thank you for slogging and plodding through the session with me Christina. You really helped me.

I think you have a knack for this EFT work.
To me you don't feel judgemental, I experience you as being willing to listen to my input and not IMPOSE a rigid approach, a rigid dogma. And, what I really appreciate is that you don't come across to me as a fanatic promoter of a 'method'.

Meredith Lynn

Christina is a good guide to help you to alleviate your emotional problems and transform more by using EFT. Christina is able to listen with empathy and subsequently helps you to learn and apply the technique in a pleasant way. Highly recommended.

Gabriela Drabbe

I recommend Christina as a practitioner, because she is friendly, patient and understanding and encouraged me to work on the topics that matter to me, even when that was hard! She is able to help you deal with painful memories step by step and close the stream of emotions down before you go home; I felt emotionally stable during the time in between the sessions. One can tell that she has a good knowledge of how mental trauma works. I benefitted from her explanation and understanding. The EFT sessions that I have had with Christina enabled me to go on and gain self-esteem; where I was stuck by negative assumptions and stress before. I recommend the EFT technique as it pays so much attention to the physical sensations and helps to release stress and tension that come with the negative assumptions or trauma. Besides, it is a technique that one can learn to use without a practitioner. I benefit from it in my daily life and also in the sessions. I feel I am learning to help myself. I feel in control and independent, where I think in other therapies one often gets (too) dependent on the therapist.

Jacobien Wientjes

Dear Christina,

I came to you to try and solve some 'knots' regarding my relationship with my family's members; family it's a very delicate and complex issue in almost everyone's life.

First of all I thought it would not be easy to share all this with a stranger; but in fact your friendly approach, the sensitivity of your words gave me the clear impression of being understood and deeply supported.

I appreciate your skill in guiding me through my stream of consciousness, helping me to focus and not be stuck in the same circle of endless thoughts.You definitively helped me to focus, not get overwhelmed by my own thoughts.

Tapping on those specific points, with your instructions about how to direct my mind while doing this, was a new experience for me. I really felt that during each meeting something was working at a deeper level; I mostly noticed I started having a different understanding of some issues at the base of my relationship issues allowing me to have acceptance of myself facing those issues.

EFT made me realize how much any emotional scar can haunt oneself for lifetime ,driving your choices and judgments, driving your actions by the negative belief rooted in some deep part of our heart; we might regard them as objective facts and forget that these are just personal views.

EFT started a process of  me reconnecting with people and also connecting with myself based on different premises (comprehension is the first). It was a really important achievement, which I am still working towards.

Having someone who professionally (yet in a very human way) helped me on this path. It was something really  needed. Thank you Christina.


Any Questions?

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Any Questions?

I am looking forward to hearing from you!