Your EFT Session

EFT sessions are possible in English, Dutch, German and French.

How does it work?

Everyone is welcome. Adults, children and even animals!

EFT is different from conventional therapies. It is not a talking therapy. The beauty about EFT is that whatever you feel, it’s okay. There is no right or wrong. The aim is not to judge, not to interpret or to understand what you feel but just to acknowledge it and get rid of the negative emotion by tapping. We look for the most stressful moments and then tap it away! 

You’ll become more aware of your emotional reactions and witness how your feelings transforms during the process. Along with the change of your emotional response your perception changes and you will gain new insights.

An EFT practitioner can also help you find the core of your problems; often we have a blind spot when it comes to finding the true cause of our emotional issues. EFT is also a great self help tool. In an EFT session I will also show you how to use EFT in your daily life and how you can work on your emotional issues yourself. 

Any Questions?

I am looking forward to hearing from you!