all about eft

all about eft


From its roots in ancient Chinese to modern cognitive therapy.

understanding eft

How our energy system gets disturbed and can be unblocked with the help of EFT.

gold standard recipe

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Find out about EFT

EFT  is  a combination of cognitive therapy and acupressure. It  is a simple and effective method to get rid of negative emotion, which we usually experience as ‘stress’.

When we are stressed our body reacts immediately. With EFT we tune into the negative emotion (anger, fear, sadness, guilt..) while stimulating certain meridian points on our body by tapping on them with our fingertips.

EFT History

where did it all start?

Many ancient cultures believe that there is an intrinsic network of energy paths running through all our body. These paths are the vessel through which our life force flows. The Chinese call it Chi or Qi, the Japanese Ki and the Indians Prana. When this life force is well balanced we enjoy both physical and mental health.

the meridian system

Chinese medicine is based on the concept of a meridian system through which our life-energy flows

Nei ching (2600 B.C), the oldest known text about acupuncture describes the energy pathways, also called meridians and the acupuncture points that lie on them. The meridians connect all the organs and provide them with the life force Qi.

Emotions are working hand in hand with our organs

According to Chinese medicine, the organs not only provide our bodily functions but each organ also corresponds to a certain emotion. For example, the heart meridian is associated with the emotion of anger when the flow of Qi is blocked  and with the emotion of love when the Qi is flowing freely.

emotions and our organs

Yin organs produce, transform, regulate and store our Qi energy. 


EFT works on the basis of the same principles as acupuncture. However, where acupuncture uses needles EFT uses fingertips: In order to stimulate the flow of Qi energy we tap on specific acupuncture points and in doing that we restore our natural energy balance.

Cognitive therapy

Cognitive-behavioural therapy focuses on present thinking and behaviour. Its goal is to change patterns of thinking or behaviour that are the cause of our difficulties. This in turn will change the way they feel both mentally and physically. 

In EFT we combine cognitive therapy and acupressure to find a hands on solution to our problems.

EFT points

EFT is combining the wisdom of Chinese medicine and the advances of cognitive therapy

gary craig

EFT became best know through the publication of Gary Craig’s EFT Handbook published in the late 1990s. Thanks to his work EFT is becoming an increasingly popular technique to relieve stress, improve energy levels and change our focus in life.

‘The cause of ALL negative emotion is a disruption of the body’s energy system’

Gary Graig

Understanding EFT


The memory of emotional events we have been through can leave lasting blockages in our energy system. When we experience a threatening situation our body naturally goes in a fight/flight response also called the sympathetic stress reaction. After the threat is over the parasympathetic nervous system brings the body back to balance, relaxation and healing.

When, however, it it not possible to fight or flee our body freezes and the natural flow of our energy is blocked.  As a consequence, our energy system has been disturbed.

fun fact

The subconscious processes information much faster (11,2 million bits/sec) than the conscious mind (60 bits/sec).

The memory of all events in our lives are stored in our long term memory. Some we can recall consciously, others not. Our brain, the Amygdala in specific, however, stores all information and decides based on the information from past events if a present situation is safe or unsafe. When we face a situation that reminds us of a certain traumatic event, consciously or unconsciously,  we relive the trauma and experience the same blockage of energy. 

the amygdala

This small almond-shaped section of nervous tissue inside each cerebral hemisphere is heavily involved with our experience of emotions.

‘I admit that thoughts influence the body’

Albert Einstein


Our memory of a past event can be awoken by anything. The trigger, as we call it, can be a word, the way someone looks, a feeling, a smell, a movement…anything really. In any case the trigger is something that makes a connection between what is happening in the present moment and the past traumatic event. The memory sends a warning sign DANGER! to our system and consequently our system shuts down, repeating the same reaction as it remembers performing in the past.

Past memory (trigger) creates stress

Negative stress reaction

This all happens in a blink of an eye. Before we know it,  the flow of our energy has been blocked and we feel stressed without understanding what is going on. 

Past memory (trigger) creates stress

Neutral Stress reaction

With EFT we learn to intervene in the crucial moment in which we change the course of our response to a past memory. We interrupt the internalised chain reaction our system has stored over time and free us from the impact of past traumatic events.


past memories can block our present energy system-

EFT can unblock it



With EFT we focus on the disturbing emotions in our memory while tapping on certain meridian points until there is no connection anymore between the past memory and our present response.

We release the energy which was blocked in our energy system during the trauma. Once the block is removed the body can restore and heal. We can remember the memory without having an emotional reaction to it . That is emotional freedom!

The Gold Standard Recipe

The Start Up

Before you start your EFT session take your time to become fully conscious of how you are in this very moment. What am I feeling now? And where do I feel it?


(SUD – Subjective Units of Distress).

While you’re tapping on the karate point, say: 

“Even though I feel .. .. , I accept myself completely.”

The Karate Chop Point is located on the small intestine meridian. It’s function is to separate useful food from waste. In psychological terms this meridian supports our choices as to what information to include when we feel divided

The Tapping Sequence

Tap with 2 fingers about 5-7 times on each of the following points while speaking out loud at each point the feeling/emotion.

The Tapping Sequence

Tap with 2 fingers about 5-7 times on each of the following points while speaking out loud at each point the feeling/emotion.

In order to get lasting results with EFT you will need to address the root of your stress pattern. In most cases the root is found in distressing past memories and events that trigger your negative core belief.

An EFT practitioner can help you finding your core issues.

Any Questions?

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Any Questions?

I am looking forward to hearing from you!